10 Things To Do After You Get Your First Job

So you graduated fresh from college! Armed with your sobrang pinaghirapang diploma, you set your foot towards the intimidating corporate world para maghanap ng trabaho. And, voila! You just got hired!

What now?

As a young professional now, let me share with you 10 things to do after you get your first job. I was able to make this list not because lahat ito ay nagawa ko na; some items dito are things I wished I could tell my younger self to do as early as before.

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1 – Complete your valid IDs.

You will know that a person has really passed on from student to adulting stage by checking her wallet! Bukod sa kung dati ay wala pang masyadong lamang pera, you will notice that aside from bills and coins ay puro identification cards ang laman nito.

When you get your first job, make sure na makakuha ka ng as many valid IDs as you can. You may not use all of them immediately but it is better to have them as early as now. Among these IDs that you can start securing for yourself are:

  • SSS
  • Philhealth
  • TIN
  • Passport

2 – Set your goals.

As early as getting your first job, make sure that you set your goals straight. Yes, these goals might change over the years habang mas nakikilala mo pa ang sarili mo and your strengths. But, to give you direction for “why you do things”, a simple goal-setting can help.

It depends on you on how you will identify these goals. What is also important is to make it clear and write it down. There is something in writing goals in paper and pen that makes these future goals look real and tangible in the present.

Pwede mong hatiin ang goal-setting mo into aspects such as:

  • Career
  • Personal
  • Financial

Or you may also categorize your goals into short-term, medium or long-term.

3 – Decide on what kind of lifestyle you want to live.

It may appear na OA pero looking back, this has proven to be a common struggle by new members of the earning sector ng ating bansa. Default kasi sa ating mga Pinoy na todo-waldas, lalo na kapag nakahawak ng pera. Hindi pa kasi deeply engraved culture sa atin to think many times before spending on something.

I have seen this typical story happen to many of my colleagues before: Si Juan ay lumaki sa isang middle class na family na nabibili lang yung sapat na needs ng family. When Juan graduated from college, he immediately got hired. At dahil earning na si Juan, his thinking that he has “more money than before so I can spend more than before” ay pwede nyang ikapahamak.

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Sabi nga, it is not bad to enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Pinaghirapan mo ‘yun eh! Pero dapat, your lifestyle will depend on your earning capability and your spending habits. In choosing your lifestyle, make sure that these factors are present:

  • Income source
  • Spending habits
  • Hobbies
  • Sustainability

4 – Pay yourself first.

Yehey! May trabaho ka na, it is not bad to deprive yourself of experiencing the joys of being able to step out of poverty. Ilibre mo ang sarili mo sa unang sweldo mo. Also, don’t forget to treat the people who helped you get to where you are. They may be your parents, your uncles or any others who helped you finish your school. A simple treat will count.

5 – Get yourself a planner.

Yes, even a simple yearly planner! Discipline yourself to planning out your week, listing things to do and marking out appointments. In this way, you will see how productively you are using your time, which is your most costly resource.

6 – Find a mentor.

Since you are starting out on your career, it is best if you can find a trusted and credible person who can mentor you. Your mentor must be someone you respect. It must be someone who you look up to or plan to emulate.

If you cannot find one, try at least to look for reliable people who you can pattern your habits, beliefs and convictions.

7 – Pay off any debts.

When I got my first official job (I had so many side jobs before while studying), our family had incurred debts that were related to my school expenses. If you got the same situation like mine, pay off these debts immediately and as you are able. Or maybe, you may have incurred debts related to your job hunting conquest and requirements.

It is better to start off your financial life as a young professional with a clean credit standing.

8 – Plan and setup your emergency fund.

This is one of the things na usually ay nakakalimutan ngayon, especially millenials. Setting up your emergency fund is one of the wisest things you can do for yourself financially.

An emergency fund will serve as your financial safety net for immediate emergency needs in the future. Many fall into the thinking trap na mag-iipon sila for emergency kapag malaki na ang salary nila. But, saving starts even small.

There are others naman who overlook the value of having an emergency fund at dumidiretso agad into investing into stock markets or VUL. Plan and setup your emergency fund first, saka ka mag-explore.

9 – Protect your income.

Next to setting up your emergency fund, the next wise thing you may want to do is to protect your income. How will you do this? Simply by protecting yourself through life insurance.

If kagaya kita na breadwinner rin sa family and many family members depend on me and my income, it is very important that you make yourself protected from certain events na out of your control. Among these events are:

  • Death
  • Accident
  • Illness

Your life insurance will cover these uncontrollable events in life to ensure na yung mga nakadepende sa iyo ay hindi mahihirapan financially, in case anything happens to you. Ang kagandahan ngayon ng most insurances ay may kasama na itong investment portion so protected ka na, lumalago pa ang pera mo.

If you are in this stage already and you think you are ready, I can help you in your journey towards protecting your income as a licensed financial consultant.

10 – Grow your money.

So you have your emergency fund already and you have made plans already to protect your income. The next thing you can do is to grow your money. There are so many ways with which you can grow your money:

  • Stock investing and trading
  • Mutual funds
  • UITF
  • Real estate
  • Businesses

Ang mahalaga lang ay before you venture into growing your money, you grow first your knowledge about personal finance.

Which of these tips have helped you so far? Have you done any of them already? Let us know in the comments below! 

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