15 Tipid Date Ideas for Valentines

Valentines day is coming soon and you maybe wondering on “tipid” date ideas with your loved one. Well, you don’t need to spend so much just to have a memorable date.

But still, you need money, right? Well, dates are affordable as long as they stick within your budget. In this article, we have compiled a generous list of cheap, affordable, “tipid” date ideas you can explore this Valentines season!

  1. Attend open mic public events. Share and sing your hearts out as you dedicate your song or poem to your special someone.
  2. Go hiking! If you are an adventurous and outgoing type of couple, why not hike some of our local mountains together? Hiking has been a norm for millenials today as many have increasingly enjoyed basking under the sunny sky and breathing in fresh air during hikes. You may try joiner events and you will surely spend lesser but with great memories at the peak. Try hiking mountains in Rizal province.
  3. Exercise together. Go for a run together. Dance those zumba video lessons online. It is a better way to be healthy and have fun together, minus the sweaty look. If you both have access to the gym, why not spend a session together?
  4. Smell books at your local bookstore. I know this will excite bookworms and book lovers alike! Or if you both simply wanted a geek date without spending nothing, you can try browsing books at the bookstore and discuss happily your thoughts. Or you may have fun exploring book titles together!
  5. Watch the sunset or sunrise together. Ugh, who will not get romantic and giddy with sunsets? Spending time watching this beautiful spectacle is surely one for the books! Plus, it won’t hurt your wallet a lot!
  6. Listen to your favorite music while watching the sunset. Pick your most favorite tracks, the songs that reminded you of each other. It will surely be a memorable and tipid date.
  7. Have breakfast together. It is cheaper to have breakfast dates than the usual dinner dates. You may prefer to do it yourself instead of going out. Cook your classic breakfast favorites like bacon, pancake, sinangag, sunny side up eggs, etc.
  8. Volunteer for a cause. You may have a common advocacy that you can sign up to volunteer. Whether it is cleaning the seas, planting some trees, feeding and teaching street children, or caring for the elderly, Valentines date will be much meaningful when you spend it for a cause.
  9. Visit public parks or museums. There are many public parks and plazas that you can spend time to stroll together while watching passersby. If you are the romantic and deep type of couple, why not visit our local museums. There are many museums that charge nothing to minimal entrance fees. You can try Pinto Art, National Museum of the Philippines, and NCCA Gallery.
  10. Brew your own coffee. Coffee lover couples will surely enjoy brewing their own cup of caffeine goodness. If you have your own brewing set, or even just a pour over brew, this great date idea is definitely one for the books. Coffee plus a good conversation is worth it!
  11. Walk a nature trail. Imagine walking under big trees on a moist forest floor with the hand of your loved one in your hands. Nothing beats this kind of company, for less than the budget.
  12. Take out fast food. Order your favorite budget meal at Jollibee or Mcdonalds and take it out. To make your dinner a notch higher, set up your dining table with candlelights!
  13. Go glamping in your front yard. If you have a collapsible tent at home, go cozy and watch the stars while glamping at night. Don’t have a front yard? You can do it at your roof top or even patio.
  14. Play board games. Add more fun to your tipid date nights by playing your favorite board game. Not only will this be cheap than going out, but it will also help you get to know more your partner in so many ways.
  15. Videoke and sing along! Sing your heart out without fear of embarassment.

Do you have a date this Valentines season? Or do you belong in the category of breadwinners who have no romantic relationships?

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