5 Businesses Pinoy Breadwinners Can Start for Less Than P5,000

I always receive questions from Pinoy breadwinners on what are businesses that they can start with a small capital. Starting a business is a serious task. But with proper planning and execution, you can easily start you own business and scale it online. 

A business requires planning and courage. Photo source: Image by rawpixel from Pixabay 

In this article, I will share with you 5 businesses that Pinoy breadwinners can start for less than P5,000. Before starting on anything, make sure you research and plan well. 

Printing Business

If you have a quality printer at home, you can start a printing business at a low cost. You only need to invest in quality paper and ink. There are many local suppliers for good quality paper and ink so it is easy to start and scale up.

Many printing businesses cater printing of calling cards, PISO print for students, and photo printing. Make sure you make your printing business known in your neighborhood. 

Packaged Food

This is a very profitable business today since more people are getting busier everyday. You can cater to office employees who have no time to prepare their baon and do not want to line up long in fast food restaurants every lunch time. 

Pastries and Desserts

There are many pastries and desserts that you can do for a small capital. If you got the talent in baking, then pursue this. You may also consider reselling pastries and desserts made by local home bakers too. Invest in locally sourced ingredients and reliable oven and freezer.

Social media marketing can also help a lot in scaling up your business. Promote your baked goods to friends and relatives. 

Web Designing 

Many people have found their talent for creating and designing websites to be very profitable for them. Why? Because you only need less than P5,000 capital to start! What you need is a reliable Internet connection and your skills.

If you’d like to learn more about web designing, there are many courses being offered today to learn this in-demand skill. 

Perfume Making

Yes, you read it right! Perfume making is making a noise now as an easy startup business. If you will learn how to mix your own perfume, buy your own bottles and brand it as your own, then you are good to start! It is very easy to sell and resell even in online marketplaces such as Facebook and Instagram. 

Now, all these business ideas may excite you so much. But always remember that before you start something, research well on your target market. Is there a demand for what you will sell? If you could confidently answer yes, then go for it. Save up for that initial P5,000 capital and plan out.

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