Best Android Budgeting Apps for Busy Millenials

In this article, we have listed Android budgeting apps that busy millenials will really find helpful and download through Google Play.

In this article, we have listed Android budgeting apps that busy millenials will really find helpful. These budgeting apps can be downloaded via Google Play.

Millenials are considered to be the busiest generation today. They are the age group who wanted the most out of life, career and relationships. As such, how does a busy millenial take control of his money? Budgeting!

What is budgeting?

Budgeting is simply telling where your money should go. It has been a proven method of saving money and allocating money for various priorities.

What do budget apps do?

More than just simply tracking your expenses, most budget apps help you keep track of your allocation for various priorities like bills, utilities, leisure, insurance, education, etc.

While most budget apps come in the form of expense trackers, it works the same purpose: track your money.

Having budget apps installed in your smartphones helps busy millenials to refrain from bringing a pen and notebook to manually track expenses. With budget apps, you can easily input data and summarize it instantly.

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Mint Budgeting App

Mint is a free Android app which replaced the older version, Mint Bills. This budgeting app is developed by Intuit, the same company that introduced QuickBooks. Mint is a budgeting app that has everything you need arranged in one place. It can both manage your money and bills.

Mint on Google Play

One useful thing about Mint is that it helps you compute your credit score. Mint also helps beginners create budgets, simply by providing suggestions based on spending.

Monefy Budgeting App

One of the simplest Android budgeting apps is Monefy. It has a free version and a paid version that is very affordable. It is very easy to use. Adding data is very straightforward.

Monefy on Google Play

Monefy can support multi currency transactions. It also has its own build-in calculator. It can also integrate with other apps and take control of recurring payments and bills.

Money Manager Expense Tracker

If you don’t like seeing numbers, then Money Manager is the best budgeting app for you. It provides a good visual experience for interpreting your spending and budgeting.

Money Manager on Google Play

Similar with other budgeting apps, Money Manager also comes with a password lock so you can privately update your budget regularly. Money Manager also comes with the option to link to a spreadsheet via import function. It is free to download for basic use though a pro version is also available for a few dollars.

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My Finances

You maybe managing more than just your own money, but other people’s money also. With My Finances, you can manage multiple accounts in a single device. Planning for future expenses and viewing transaction history is also easier with My Finances.

My Finances budgeting app on Google Play

This budgeting app is colorful and has a pretty user interface. It is highly customizable according to the personality of the user. Like other budgeting apps, it allows you to monitor repetitive bills.

Last Words

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