How I Earned Extra By Writing Online

Are you a writer?

Or you may not call yourself a writer but if you are confident in writing and researching especially in English format, then this extra income opportunity is for you. 

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My Story

I will share a quick story first. Last year, I stumbled upon the word “freelancing”. I thought then of many ways of how I can use my skills and talents to earn extra income.

I am still employed full-time as an auditor in public practice. But because I am also my family’s breadwinner, I ventured so heavily to side hustling. That was when I came across Wordmasters

Since I am able to write well in simple and understandable English, I thought of venturing to use my writing skills to use.

Why not?!

So I signed up easily, took some tests online and I was able to get several writing projects immediately. 

Writing projects were priced from as low as P50 to P900. It can even go up, depending on the topic, word count, length, SEO requirement, etc.

Quick story again… Last year, I badly wanted to have funds so I can bring my whole family to a vacation in our home province in Bicol. Because we were five (5) in the family, it was quite costly to do this. So, I made a decision to try writing online.

All extra income I earned from writing online helped me to increase my family’s travel fund. I just started writing online on February 2018. My family traveled to Bicol on April 2018.

You can, too!

Look at the screenshot of my profile above. You can see my withdrawal history of all my earnings from writing online, even for a short period of time.

I did all this side hustle writing gigs in my spare time. Sometimes, when I get stuck in traffic, I grab projects and write drafts. As they say, if there’s a will, there’s a way!

Now, imagine if you can surpass me! You may even be more efficient in writing and researching. You can earn more than what I got. In fact, there are writers who earn 6-figure income already. 

All these just by harnessing the power of online.

If you wanted to save up for something too, why not use your writing skill as your money-making machine? If you want to try this gig and earn extra cash, head over this link:

Earn extra by writing online.

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Thanks for sharing this. It will definitely inspire Filipinos to earn money at the comfort of their home by just writing. Kudos!

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