Budgeting Hacks for Breadwinners with Low Income, Heavy Debt

Have you tried doing your usual grocery shopping with your usual weekly budget? Have you come to realize that as the weeks go by, you are buying less with your money? Do your budgeting hacks still work?

That, my Pinoy breadwinner friends, is the effect of INFLATION.

With inflation, your 500-peso today cannot buy as much as you did 1 or 2 years ago.

How to cope with inflation

If you are looking for ways how we can stop inflation, this article will not give you answers. Inflation is a result of many economic factors and fiscal policies of the government.

Even if you have low income, these budgeting hacks will work for you!

More than ever, what I can share with you as a way to cope with inflation is effective budgeting and financial planning.

If you learn to budget and plan well, you can survive and even thrive above the bad effects of inflation.

Budgeting Hacks for Low income, heavy debt

But, how about for those breadwinners who have low income? Those who are still heavy in debt?

Is budgeting and financial planning really possible for these breadwinners with low income, heavy debt?

An easy to follow guide for budgeting is the 50/30/20 rule. According to this rule, you allocate 50% of your income to your NEEDS, 30% for your WANTS and 20% for your SAVINGS.

NEEDS include all basic necessities that help you live safely and comfortably. This includes food, utilities, insurance, transportation, education, health care, rent or house amortization, communication, among others.

WANTS include the things you would spend for your hobbies, pleasure, reacreation, movies, eat outs, gadgets, Netflix subscription, etc.

SAVINGS include a portion of your income that you set aside to grow your emergency fund, investments, VUL policies, etc.

If you are a breadwinner with low income, this budgeting hack will still work for you. Actually, anyone can budget their income regardless of income level.

This budgeting hack makes more sense for breadwinners heavy in debt. A way to tweak this 50/30/20 rule is to allocate your 20% to paying your outstanding debts.

Financial planning for breadwinners

For most Pinoy breadwinners, a more detailed financial planning is needed.

After getting the right habit of budgeting, financial planning for the long term is the next best thing to do.

The right financial plan will answer for every need you will have as a breadwinner in all life stages. If you’re looking for a financial planner who can help you, send me an email at PinoyBreadwinners (pinoybreadwinners.coach@gmail.com).

Bad Habits That Drain Pockets of Breadwinners

I recently published in my Pinoybreadwinners Facebook page these 8 bad habits that drain pockets. Let me share them with you here.

Work on killing these bad habits that drain your pockets! Photo source: Pexels

“I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Sinasabi ko sayo, tomorrow never comes!

Procrastination does not give results. Kabubukas mo, next week, or mamaya na, nawala na ang opportunity sayo.

“It will work out on itself.”

Sinasabi ko sayo, there is no such thing as magic!

If you will not act today, the things you want to happen will not just turn out magically. Gusto mo ng retirement fund na 10 million after 20 years, simulan mo mag-ipon. Gusto mong pumayat, mag-exercise ka. Gusto mo syang ligawan, makipagkaibigan ka na. 😜

“It’s not my fault.”

Sinasabi ko sayo, blame game will not take you to success!

If you will not be accountable and take responsibility for your actions and results, no one else will. Kailangan mong matutunan ang lessons sa bawat failures mo, so take responsibility.

“I already know that.”

Sinasabi ko sayo, you cannot eat pride!

Be a lifelong learner. You can learn from many people. Minsan, new learning will ignite new opportunities. Makinig ka and acknowledge that you don’t know everything.

“I won’t ask because it makes me look stupid.”

Sinasabi ko sayo, wag mahihiyang magtanong 🎶🎶

Mas magmumukha kang stupid if you assume you know the answers when you really don’t. Listen. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. When you ask questions, you answer your own doubts and you gain wisdom. Life is a series of questions. Help each other by asking sensible questions and learn much.

“I can’t do it.”

Sinasabi ko sayo, it’s not easy but it’s possible.

Wala namang large feat in life na madali eh. Pero possible sya for people who are not afraid to try. If it makes you afraid, then do it afraid and you’ll discover that the first step to success is being courageous first.

“I might lose if I try.”

Sinasabi ko sayo, take risks!

Not all opportunities are created equal. Mamimili ka rin dapat. Pero it is better to try and risk than not doing anything. If you don’t try, you don’t risk anything pero you lose possible opportunities na makikita mo lang when you try.

“I will just save money.”

Sinasabi ko sayo, saving is not the end goal! 

You will save money for bigger reasons: retirement, comfortable life, travel, helping out others. Hindi nagtatapos ang success kapag nagsave ka lang ng pera. Financial success involves managing your spending, protecting yourself and investing. One good start in doing all these is investing in a VUL policy. #AskMeHow

Need inspiration? Here is something to motivate you, Pinoy breadwinner!

5 Businesses Pinoy Breadwinners Can Start for Less Than P5,000

I always receive questions from Pinoy breadwinners on what are businesses that they can start with a small capital. Starting a business is a serious task. But with proper planning and execution, you can easily start you own business and scale it online. 

A business requires planning and courage. Photo source: Image by rawpixel from Pixabay 

In this article, I will share with you 5 businesses that Pinoy breadwinners can start for less than P5,000. Before starting on anything, make sure you research and plan well. 

Printing Business

If you have a quality printer at home, you can start a printing business at a low cost. You only need to invest in quality paper and ink. There are many local suppliers for good quality paper and ink so it is easy to start and scale up.

Many printing businesses cater printing of calling cards, PISO print for students, and photo printing. Make sure you make your printing business known in your neighborhood. 

Packaged Food

This is a very profitable business today since more people are getting busier everyday. You can cater to office employees who have no time to prepare their baon and do not want to line up long in fast food restaurants every lunch time. 

Pastries and Desserts

There are many pastries and desserts that you can do for a small capital. If you got the talent in baking, then pursue this. You may also consider reselling pastries and desserts made by local home bakers too. Invest in locally sourced ingredients and reliable oven and freezer.

Social media marketing can also help a lot in scaling up your business. Promote your baked goods to friends and relatives. 

Web Designing 

Many people have found their talent for creating and designing websites to be very profitable for them. Why? Because you only need less than P5,000 capital to start! What you need is a reliable Internet connection and your skills.

If you’d like to learn more about web designing, there are many courses being offered today to learn this in-demand skill. 

Perfume Making

Yes, you read it right! Perfume making is making a noise now as an easy startup business. If you will learn how to mix your own perfume, buy your own bottles and brand it as your own, then you are good to start! It is very easy to sell and resell even in online marketplaces such as Facebook and Instagram. 

Now, all these business ideas may excite you so much. But always remember that before you start something, research well on your target market. Is there a demand for what you will sell? If you could confidently answer yes, then go for it. Save up for that initial P5,000 capital and plan out.

Do you know how to write? Maybe you can also earn from it! Check how I earned extra cash by writing online here.

10 Inspiring Quotes for Breadwinners Working Hard

Breadwinners are modern day heroes. They work very diligently to provide an abundant life to their families. They think about their loved ones’ needs before themselves. Pinoy breadwinners are often the least understood and least thought of.

Being a breadwinner is hard. If you resonate with any of these, we compiled 15 quotes that will inspire breadwinners working hard today. 

Keep going, breadwinners! Photo by Lukas from Pexels

Nothing worth having comes easy.

How much is your family’s dreams worth to you? How much is your children’s education worth to you? Remember this: nothing worth having comes easy. You always have to work for it. Even winning the lotto requires effort. 

All roads that lead to success have to pass through hard work boulevard at some point.

There is no success without hard work. So, if you think that you are working hard now, keep going. But remember to work smart also. Working hard, paired with working smart, will make you closer to your dreams and goals faster. Be willing to get dirt on your hands. 

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. (Tim Notke)

Would you agree that not all talented people succeed in life? I believe in this. I have seen many Pinoy breadwinners who have average skills and talents but have succeeded in building their wealth. Their secret? Hard work. It pays off. 

You can’t cheat the grind, it knows how much you have invested, it won’t give you anything you haven’t worked for. 

You cannot grow a mango tree if you have not planted a seed to the ground. Same it goes for working hard, saving and investing. You will never experience the rewards of your hard work if you have not exerted the effort in the first place. Embrace the grind. It is a part of life. 

Dream big, work hard, stay focused and surround yourself with good people.

How large is your dream for yourself? For your family? Think about it every time you are hustling and working. Stay focused on your goals. Do not be sidetracked by problems. Also, surround yourself with people who will push you to be stronger. Either you run away from hard work or you run towards it and come out stronger and wiser than before. You choose. 

Be thankful for what you have. Work hard for what you don’t have.

I have heard many Pinoys said this before: “Kaya ako mahirap kasi mahirap ang pamilya namin.” Well, being born in a poor family is not your fault. But, it will be your fault if you die and leave your family still poor. You have all the power to change your situation.

Be grateful for the blessings you have now. Then work hard for the things you don’t have, especially if it is for your loved ones. 

Hard work is what separates the winners from the losers.

There is a reason why you are called a breadwinner. You are a winner. Never settle becoming a loser. Work hard. You will amaze yourself one day. 

Don’t give up. The beginning is always the hardest. Life rewards those who work hard at it.

Everything is hard at the start. But with pushing further and never quitting, you will be rewarded by life itself for your efforts. Keep going. 

A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work. (Colin Powell)

Do not be like Juan Tamad. Your dreams will not be served to you on a plate. Success is not gained by magic. So is saving, building your wealth and investing. Dreams require work. Be willing to work hard for them. 

Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle. (Abraham Lincoln)

Do not just passively wait for opportunities to come to you. Go out. Seek for opportunities. Those who hustle smartly work their way to their goals faster than those passive dreamers. 

How I Earned Extra By Writing Online

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My Story

I will share a quick story first. Last year, I stumbled upon the word “freelancing”. I thought then of many ways of how I can use my skills and talents to earn extra income.

I am still employed full-time as an auditor in public practice. But because I am also my family’s breadwinner, I ventured so heavily to side hustling. That was when I came across Wordmasters

Since I am able to write well in simple and understandable English, I thought of venturing to use my writing skills to use.

Why not?!

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Quick story again… Last year, I badly wanted to have funds so I can bring my whole family to a vacation in our home province in Bicol. Because we were five (5) in the family, it was quite costly to do this. So, I made a decision to try writing online.

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You can, too!

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I did all this side hustle writing gigs in my spare time. Sometimes, when I get stuck in traffic, I grab projects and write drafts. As they say, if there’s a will, there’s a way!

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Growing Money Long-term? Here’s Why You Should Not Put It In Banks

Keeping money in banks has always been a staple activity for households. In fact, among Filipinos, it is one of the popular ways to save and grow money. In the 2017 Financial Inclusion study by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), about 15.8 million Filipino adults have formal bank accounts. This accounts for at least 22% of the country’s total population in 2017.

If we will dig deeper into the statistics, we can see that 62% of these Filipino adults with formal bank accounts only keep at least P5,000 and below as bank balance. Following the statistics yearly, still, 38% of Filipino depositors put their money in banks with balances ranging from P5,000 to over P500,000.


Now, I have to make a disclaimer about the title. I am not saying that we abolish and boycott the banking systems. These financial institutions have by far proven to be very important part of any country’s economy. We will discuss the points here under the context of growing money for long-term purposes.

What is your financial goal?

For us to communicate, the first question to ask is “What is your financial goal?”

Financial goals differ for each person and his life stage. When I coach Filipino breadwinners, I usually get answers like:

  • Emergency fund
  • Buying a home
  • Retirement
  • Travel fund
  • Wedding
  • Education

Each of our financial goals can be classified into any of three (3) time frame: Now, Soon, Later.

  1. Now – those financial needs / goals that will be used within the next 3 months, i.e. emergency fund, travel, big purchases
  2. Soon – those needs / goals that should be prepared for in the near 5 to 10 years, i.e. buying a home, home renovations, wedding, children, early retirement
  3. Later – those needs / goals that should be prepared for in more than 10 years, i.e. retirement, college fund, business, estate

Pros of Putting Money in Banks

Most people put their money in banks for safetyreasons. Instead of bringing cold cash wherever they go, it is very convenient to have your money kept in banks and just withdraw what you need from the automated cash dispensing machines.

Likewise, there are many people who put substantially their money in banks to lessen the risk of it being lost or spent. Since most banks give a minimum interest for deposits made to them, many depositors choose to put almost all their money in banks.

Cons of Putting Money in Banks

Remember the three (3) time frame classifications of financial goals we discussed a while ago. If your financial goal belongs to the “Soon” or “Later” category, then putting your money in banks should not be at the top of your list.

First, if you have a long-term goal to save and grow your money, putting it in banks will not really help you earn much. Imagine putting your money in a savings deposit account to allow it to earn 0.25% interest per year, when you could consider putting your money in other money market instruments or investments that could yield higher returns.

Second, inflation will not help you a lot when you put your money in banks to grow. In the Philippines, the most recent inflation rate accounts for almost 3.2%. Now, compare this inflation rate with the savings deposit interest rate of 0.25% and you will get the picture. Inflation affects the purchasing power of your money, accounting for the passing of time also.

If you are looking to grow your money long-term so you can achieve your financial goals under “Soon” and “Later”, look for investment vehicles that will help you yield higher returns and beat inflation.


In a recent webinar hosted at PinoyBreadwinners, the point is clear that when it comes to growing your money for long-term purposes, it is wise to not to invest it in banks but rather on the banks. There is a wide difference between merely saving and keeping your money in banks and allowing it to grow to support your long-term financial goals.

Join us!

Coach Kathy of PinoyBreadwinners is hosting a 5-week live webinar as a continuation of this discussion. The registration is free and open to Filipino breadwinners. The topics cover the PinoyBreadwinner Finance Strategy that works well for breadwinners. Register here to learn more: PBW Finance Strategy

Why Your Money Will Not Grow In Banks [Free Live Webinar]

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What will you expect to learn in this webinar?

  • Paano ba ang logical way to be financially-free? I will show it through my Triangle of Financial Freedom.
  • How ready are you for life’s unexpected financial problems? I will show it through my Financial Needs Matrix.
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  • Why will your money not grow in banks? I will share to you a WISER way to save and grow money other than banks.

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