3 Most Common Financial Mistakes Seniors Make

Retirement is the longest holiday that most seniors and retirees are looking forward during their lifetime. It is the time to reap the fruits of their hard work and labor.

However, this is not usually the case for most seniors. Why do many seniors end up broke and financially challenged during retirement? Why do many seniors remain dependent on social institutions like SSS? 

In this article, we will discuss thoroughly the 3 most common financial mistakes seniors make. In addition, we will also give practical tips on how to avoid these mistakes so seniors can enjoy happy retirement. 

Many seniors fail to prepare for retirement.  Photo source: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Common Financial Mistakes

These are among the most common financial mistakes that people belonging to the age group of 60s, 70s, 80s and up make that pose a risk to their retirement and estate. 

Refusing to seek expert help

Although we can safely assume that people in the “seniors” generation are wiser through the years, still, many seniors fail in wisdom to seek expert help and advice when it comes to handling their money. Most seniors refuse to ask for trusted advice from reliable persons because they either have no one else to turn to but their family members, or sadly, their caretakers. 

Many people welcome seniority years only to discover that the fruits of their toil have been relinquished to another, mismanaged, or even sadly stolen. These unfortunate events can be prevented.

Seek expert advice for your major financial decisions. Photo source: Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

A practical advice to resolve this common mistake: As young as you are now, make sure to seek expert advice about your money, investments and properties with financial planners. Seek expert help of your trusted accountant on how to save on taxes. Consult an attorney to determine a legal and cost-efficient way to manage and dispose of your properties in the later years to come. 

Too much fear investing

Another common financial mistake of most seniors is being succumbed to too much fear in investing that they tend to outlive their retirement money. If the goal is to have enough retirement money when you reach the 60s, then the focus of your investment strategy must be to get as much returns as possible during your earning years. Most seniors focus too much in avoiding loss of money that they do not remember the risks involved like inflation, credit, and unplanned major financial outflows. 

How much retirement money is enough? This question requires careful planning with a trusted financial planner to answer. But basically, if you expect to live long, then you must plan long. Strategically invest your money so it can outlive you. In this way, you can enjoy as much comfort in your retirement years. 

Forgetting estate planning

This is one nightmare that seniors must never experience. What a horrible experience it will be when all the fruits of your labor during your earning years is not smoothly passed on to your family’s next generation. 

Most seniors think that creating an estate plan is unnecessary since their family can easily inherit what they will leave. But that is not the reality. When seniors die, some of their assets may be tied up, bank accounts may be frozen by banks and estate proceeds may be exhausted to pay taxes and liabilities when not planned well. 

A strategy to avoid this is to draft a last will and testament with your attorney so you can properly designate your beneficiaries. 


According to statistics, 1 out of 3 seniors eventually return to the labor workforce even after retirement. This is because the majority of them needed more income to finance themselves. Do not be among them. Plan and prepare early and avoid these financial mistakes for your own benefit. Need help? Send Coach Kathy a message!

Bad Habits That Drain Pockets of Breadwinners

I recently published in my Pinoybreadwinners Facebook page these 8 bad habits that drain pockets. Let me share them with you here.

Work on killing these bad habits that drain your pockets! Photo source: Pexels

“I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Sinasabi ko sayo, tomorrow never comes!

Procrastination does not give results. Kabubukas mo, next week, or mamaya na, nawala na ang opportunity sayo.

“It will work out on itself.”

Sinasabi ko sayo, there is no such thing as magic!

If you will not act today, the things you want to happen will not just turn out magically. Gusto mo ng retirement fund na 10 million after 20 years, simulan mo mag-ipon. Gusto mong pumayat, mag-exercise ka. Gusto mo syang ligawan, makipagkaibigan ka na. 😜

“It’s not my fault.”

Sinasabi ko sayo, blame game will not take you to success!

If you will not be accountable and take responsibility for your actions and results, no one else will. Kailangan mong matutunan ang lessons sa bawat failures mo, so take responsibility.

“I already know that.”

Sinasabi ko sayo, you cannot eat pride!

Be a lifelong learner. You can learn from many people. Minsan, new learning will ignite new opportunities. Makinig ka and acknowledge that you don’t know everything.

“I won’t ask because it makes me look stupid.”

Sinasabi ko sayo, wag mahihiyang magtanong 🎶🎶

Mas magmumukha kang stupid if you assume you know the answers when you really don’t. Listen. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. When you ask questions, you answer your own doubts and you gain wisdom. Life is a series of questions. Help each other by asking sensible questions and learn much.

“I can’t do it.”

Sinasabi ko sayo, it’s not easy but it’s possible.

Wala namang large feat in life na madali eh. Pero possible sya for people who are not afraid to try. If it makes you afraid, then do it afraid and you’ll discover that the first step to success is being courageous first.

“I might lose if I try.”

Sinasabi ko sayo, take risks!

Not all opportunities are created equal. Mamimili ka rin dapat. Pero it is better to try and risk than not doing anything. If you don’t try, you don’t risk anything pero you lose possible opportunities na makikita mo lang when you try.

“I will just save money.”

Sinasabi ko sayo, saving is not the end goal! 

You will save money for bigger reasons: retirement, comfortable life, travel, helping out others. Hindi nagtatapos ang success kapag nagsave ka lang ng pera. Financial success involves managing your spending, protecting yourself and investing. One good start in doing all these is investing in a VUL policy. #AskMeHow

Need inspiration? Here is something to motivate you, Pinoy breadwinner!