Top 3 Secrets To Building Wealth

Many books, blogs or finance coaches will tell you many tips on how to EFFECTIVELY BUILD WEALTH. The list can be endless dahil totoo namang napakaraming magagandang tips and techniques kung paano magiging successful in handling our personal finances.

Usual questions

Nandyan yung mga usual na tanong such as:

“How can I start saving when my income is small?”

“How can I budget my money?”

“Where should I start investing my money?”

“How can I be sure that my investments are legitimate and safe?”

“How will I know if my investments are earning?”

“How can I increase my income?”

All these questions and many more plague the minds of many Pinoys today, lalo na ang mga millenials. In fact, if you try to do a quick Google search, you will realize na napakaraming tao na ngayon ang interested to learn more how to manage their money and make it grow.

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The secrets are out!

But I will tell you a secret! All those tips can actually be summarized into 3 secrets only. In this article, I will share with you the TOP 3 SECRETS to building wealth effectively. Manage these and your will see a big positive difference in your personal financial life sooner.


Earning money is one thing but teaching and directing yourself how to spend money is a totally different thing.

The #1 factor that makes a person rich is not how much he earns. It is in how he spends his money.

Alin ba ang mas kaya mong ma-control, ang kinikita mo o ang paggastos mo? Majority of Pinoy breadwinners ay merong isa or dalawang source of income. Kadalasan pa dito ay steady income lang gaya ng sahod bilang empleyado. Kung sidelines naman ito, usually ay hindi mo controlled ang pwede mong kitain dahil sa variability of many factors.

Start saving by spending lesser on unnecessary things today. You must teach yourself where your money will go bago mo pa man ito mahawakan. Kadalasang sitwasyon kasi ng mga Pinoy breadwinners ay naghihintay ng petsa de peligro, at bago pa man mahawakan ang sweldo ay ubos na ito! Minsan ay kulang pa nga.

To give you an idea how managing your spending can really help, read this related article of how a Pinay breadwinner was able to save more than 10K in a month.


When you have a steady habit of saving even in small amounts by cutting on your unnecessary spending, it is time to ACCELERATE YOUR SAVINGS. One idea na nakakalimutan ng mga Pinoy is that savings are done over time.

There is no such thing as an overnight savings! Yung tipong nag-ipon ka ngayon ng 100 pesos tapos paggising mo bukas ay 200 pesos na! Ang sabi nga, saving is very much like farming. The day you planted the seed is not the day you will harvest and eat the fruit. 

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Saving takes time. What you do in between the planting and harvesting is what will make you succeed in your personal finance journey.

So, how do you accelerate your savings? Get a side hustle!

Do you have a skill from which you can earn on the side? Is there a skill that people refer to you for help most of the time? Maybe you can count on that skill to earn money as a side gig!

Be creative and invest in knowledge that will help you earn more. From your extra earnings, separate a portion for savings.


Once you have developed the discipline of spending wisely and consistent saving, it is time to invest.

Investing is what will make your money and savings grow and multiply. The goal of investing is also to be able to protect yourself and your money from the effects of inflation.

Ika nga, kung may naipon ka na 100,000 pesos for 2 years of saving, anong gagawin mo dito? Tandaan na ang 100,000 pesos mo ngayon could have a value of lesser than 100,000 pesos one or two years from now because of inflation.

Investing is putting a hedge of protection around your hard-earned savings and at the same time, maximizing your money’s potential to grow. It is making your money work for you, instead of the other way around.

Investing wisely means knowing where, when and how much to invest. Not all investment opportunities will fit a person. It takes proper knowledge to be able to MULTIPLY YOUR SAVINGS INTO WEALTH.

Not all investment opportunities are created equal. Merong risks and potential returns involved. Before leaping into the ocean of investments, make sure you study first how to swim. Dahil kung hindi, baka tangayin lang ng mga alon ang lahat ng perang pinaghirapan mo.

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